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Customized Workshops

Customized Department Workshops

From one or two hour sessions to full-day retreats, we offer field-specific, research-based workshops for departments on the topics you are interested in.  A few examples are given below, and we can tailor a session around the teaching interests in your department.

To work with someone in the CTI on developing a workshop for your department, please contact or call (607) 255-7224.

Course Design & Syllabus Development

The CTI provides resources for planning and preparing to teach, including designing a course and efficiently planning for individual classes. We can provide workshops for departments and faculty on course design and syllabus development.

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Designing Your Course

Program Assessment: From the Development of Learning Outcomes to Closing the Loop

Assessing student learning in a systematic way provides evidence to make informed decisions about a program or curriculum.  No matter where you are in the assessment process, the CTI can work with you to create a workshop to support you as you move forward.  Workshop topics include: developing student learning outcomes, selecting appropriate measures, creating and implementing an assessment plan, collecting and analyzing data on student learning, and writing an assessment report.

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Assessing Student Learning
Assessment Resources

Documenting Teaching & Peer Review

For faculty who are undergoing tenure or promotion review and need to effectively document their instructional development, the CTI can offer a workshop on the documentation of teaching. For departments who are looking to modify their peer review of teaching process, we can create a workshop that builds on your current practices and discusses new strategies from the published research.

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Documenting Teaching
Peer Review

Promoting Active Learning in the Lecture Course

Research suggests that audience attention in lectures starts to wane after 10-20 minutes.  There are many strategies that can be used to keep students attentive and actively engaged with material and that provide opportunities for them to think about, talk about and process information.  The CTI can create a workshop identifying active learning strategies in your discipline.

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Active Learning
Engaging Students

Integrating Scholarship and Teaching in Your Classes

Integrating research and teaching has benefits for both student learning and research as a whole. This CTI workshop aims to outline specific strategies for course design that achieve integration of these two important faculty responsibilities. 

These workshops can be arranged by contacting the CTI at or 607-255-7224.

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