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Faculty Teaching Certificate Program

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Faculty Teaching Certificate (FTC)s:

The Center for Teaching Innovation offers three different teaching certificate programs that are open to all Cornell faculty:

These certificate programs are a way to:

  • Identify new teaching approaches and concepts.
  • Discuss teaching with colleagues and teaching professionals across campus.
  • Assess strengths and alternatives to current teaching.
  • Identify aspects of classroom behavior that affect student learning.
  • Apply new teaching approaches or concepts into courses and assess their effectiveness at improving student learning.
  • Interact with colleagues across campus and explore diverse, innovative, and timesaving teaching strategies

Teaching Scholar and Teaching with Technology Certificates

The Teaching Scholar and Teaching with Technology Certificate Programs represent critical inquiry into teaching practice. They both have the following components, which we recommend be completed in a 2-3 year timeframe:

          1. Attend six small-group working sessions in the Teaching Scholar or Teaching with Technology series.
            Overview of Small-Group Working Sessions download the pdf

          2. Participate in a classroom teaching observation and feedback session.
            Overview of Classroom Observations download the pdf
            Also, see our web page on classroom observations.
          3. Complete a project that involves applying a teaching concept or approach discussed in the program in a course.
            Overview of the Teaching Project pdf
            Teaching project worksheet Word icon


Faculty Teaching Scholar and Teaching with Technology Certificate - Overview pdf

Registration Information

Sign up online for the Teaching Scholar and Teaching with Technology Certificates

For more information on Teaching Scholar and Teaching with Technology certificates, contact the CTI at or at 255-7224.

Community Engaged Learning and Teaching (CELT) Certificate

The CELT certificate requires that faculty members complete the following components within a two-year period:

          1. Four (4) Cohort Sessions in first year
            Each semester, two 90-minute cohort sessions will be scheduled based on the availability of applicants. The sessions will focus on four facets of an engaged learning and teaching course: course design, assessment and reflection, diversity, and community partnership planning. The cohort sessions will consist of a working component.
          2. Two (2) General CTI Seminars
            All participants will attend any two CTI sessions (Teaching Scholar and/or Teaching for Technology), which are scheduled throughout the year. These can be attended in any of the two years.
          3. Community Engaged Learning and Teaching Course Design Project
            Participants will integrate engaged learning into their coursework during the second year. Staff at the Center for Teaching Innovation and Office of Engagement Initiatives are available to support participants throughout the project.
          4. Teaching Symposium
            See Office of Engagement Initiatives website for more information.


Community Engaged Learning and Teaching (CELT) Certificate - Overview pdf icon

Registration Information

Community Engaged Learning and Teaching (CELT) Registration Form Word icon

For more information on the CELT Teaching Certificate, please contact the CTI at or at 255-7224.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the three certificates different?

The Teaching Scholar certificate focuses on exploring pedagogical approaches, while the Teaching with Technology certificate focuses on the pedagogy of integrating technology tools in a course. The Community Engaged Learning and Teaching Certificate covers the integration of community-based learning into the structure of a course. All certificates represent exploration and critical examination of teaching and student learning.

How do I participate in the Faculty Teaching Certificate Program?

Fill out the appropriate registration form and send it back to the CTI, either electronically or through campus mail. Please note that the CELT Certificate and Teaching Scholar/Teaching with Technology Certificates have separate registration forms.

Is there an order for completing the components of the certificates?

We encourage you to attend some small group working sessions before beginning the project. The sessions and seminars provide ideas and approaches that can be the basis of the project. For the Teaching Scholar/Teaching with Technology Certificates, the classroom observation can occur at any time.

How long do I have to complete the program?

Participants will have two full academic years. There is flexibility in this timeframe and if you would like additional time to complete the program, contact the CTI and we will work with you.

How often are the sessions offered?

The sessions are offered throughout the academic year.

How do I get “credit” for attending a session?

Participants should sign-in on the attendance sheet.

Can I use a session in the Teaching with Technology series to fulfill a required session for the Teaching Scholar Certificate, and vice versa?

A maximum of two (2) Teaching with Technology sessions can be used to fulfill the requirements of the Teaching Scholar certificate, and vice versa.

I attended some sessions before signing up for the certificate program. Do those count?

Yes. Simply provide a list of the titles and dates of the seminars.

Are there other ways to fulfill the certificate requirements?

Yes. These include the Course Design Institute, Flipping the Classroom Workshop, Community Engaged Learning and Teaching Institute, and the Faculty Institute for Diversity, as well as the sessions that are part of our January Teaching Conference.

I want to schedule an observation for the Teaching Scholar/Teaching with Technology Certificate, what do I do?

Contact the CTI at and mention that you are part of the teaching certificate program. Observations should be set up at least one month in advance to ensure adequate time for a pre-observation conference. You should suggest possible times and classes for the classroom observations as early as possible in the semester you would like to be observed.

I want to start the project, what do I do?

You should contact the CTI before beginning the project to discuss their ideas and to obtain the worksheet, which contains a series of questions to guide the process. CTI staff are available to support participants throughout the project.

Can I complete more than one certificate?

Yes. If you are completing more than one certificate, you must complete the requirements of each certificate. For example, participants completing both Teaching Scholar and Teaching with Technology certificates would attend a total of twelve sessions: six in the Teaching Scholar series and six in the Teaching with Technology series. You must also complete two observations and complete two projects that critically examine your teaching.

How will I know what sessions I have attended and what components I have completed?

Approximately twice a year, the CTI will send out updates on certificate progress. The periodic updates will show sessions attended and whether or not the observation and project are complete. Participants are encouraged to track the sessions they attended. The updates are typically sent in January and June.

What happens when I am done with all the components?

You will be notified when the periodic updates are sent. The update will indicate that you have completed all the components of the certificate. A certificate of completion will be sent out shortly afterwards. In addition, you will receive a framed certificate that you will need to schedule a time to have delivered or to pick up.

I have a question that is not here. Whom do I contact?

For questions, contact the CTI at

     Cornell University