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Junior Faculty inSPIRE Program

Are you an assistant professor here at Cornell? The inSPIRE program is designed with your needs in mind.

The Junior Faculty inSPIRE Program is an open, supportive community where you can share ideas and experiences, meet other faculty, and join the community of scholar-teachers.

Junior faculty can participate in the inSPIRE program in any of the following ways:

How can participating in the inSPIRE Program support you?

  • Identify appropriate teaching methods and technologies to adopt in your classes.
  • Use research-based best practices in designing a course.
  • Develop a plan to advance your teaching practice.
  • Outline strategies to document your teaching.
  • Discuss balancing and integrating teaching with your other responsibilities.

Individual components of the inSPIRE program are designed to address the goals listed above. You choose the parts of the program that are most appropriate for you. The following provides more information on what is included in each component.

New Faculty Institute

In a series of workshops over a day and a half, this institute:

  • Supports the success of new faculty by offering research-based and timesaving teaching strategies.
  • Welcomes faculty into a community of teacher-scholars and provides resources for teaching Cornell learners.
  • Provides opportunities for participants to practice and build teaching skills, discuss ways to balance scholarship and teaching, and connect with a strong faculty network.

Junior Faculty Discussion Series

A series of conversations among junior faculty about:

  • Common teaching challenges and ways to address them.
  • Developing and documenting teaching.
  • Balancing teaching with the other responsibilities of a Cornell faculty member.

Cornell Teaching Partnership Program

The Partnership Program fosters conversations about teaching and learning by pairing a new faculty member with a tenured faculty member who is widely respected for both teaching and scholarship. Partners meet periodically throughout the year to engage in classroom observations and have conversations about teaching.

Faculty Teaching Certificate Program

The Faculty Teaching Certificate Program provides opportunities to interact with colleagues across campus and practice diverse, innovative, and timesaving teaching strategies while earning a professional development certificate. Three certificates representing critical inquiry into teaching practices are available:

    • Teaching Scholar Certificate that focuses on exploring teaching practices.
    • Teaching with Technology Certificate that focuses on the pedagogy of integrating technology tools in a course.
    • Community Engaged Learning and Teaching (CELT) Certificate that focuses on incorporating service learning and public engagement into a course.

The certificate program may include:

    • Seminars from the Teaching Scholar and Teaching with Technology series.
    • A classroom observation and follow-up conversation.
    • A project providing an opportunity to reflect on changes made in teaching.
    • Cohort sessions on engaged learning and teaching courses.

Junior Faculty Course Design Institute

The Junior Faculty Course Design Institute:

  • Brings faculty together for two days to engage in discussions and workshops related to teaching excellence.
  • Focuses on course design, promoting student engagement and active learning, evaluating student learning, and syllabus design.
  • Allows participants to explore effective strategies to integrate scholarship and teaching as well as balance the responsibilities of being a faculty member.


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