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ALS 6015: Teaching in Higher Education

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ALS 6015: Teaching in Higher Education
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Graduate students who are currently teaching and preparing for a faculty position in higher education are encouraged to take CTI's course on teaching in higher education. Course activities cover areas related to effective teaching and professional development as future faculty members in a higher education setting. Students complete an electronic portfolio that documents excellence in teaching and that supports their career, their preparation, and their application for future faculty positions.

As part of the course and portfolio, participants:

  • Develop a teaching philosophy statement.
  • Write a research statement.
  • Design a syllabus in their discipline.
  • Construct learning outcomes.
  • Identify course content and activities.
  • Conduct assessment.
  • Incorporate a “blended” (face-to-face and online) web-based course format.
  • Conduct a faculty mentor interview.
  • Receive peer and faculty feedback.
  • Prepare a CV.
  • Articulate a professional identity as a future faculty member in higher education.

The course also covers a range of topics related to professional development and successful teaching specific to higher education settings, including:

  • The context and culture of higher education
  • Faculty roles and responsibilities
  • Teaching styles
  • Instructional methods
  • Technology use
  • Diversity
  • Grading
  • Advising
  • Committees
  • Professional associations
  • Peer review
  • Assessment
  • Other areas related to teaching and professional development in higher education

For more information, please contact or call (607) 255-7224.

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