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ITAP Summer Institute

ITAP participants in 2013

What participants say about the ITAP Summer Institute

"I am glad that I have this great opportunity to spend a rewarding time with these creative people, and at the same time learning techniques to polish my teaching." -Qilu Yu, Economics

"I learned how to practically organize an active workshop and practice using my English skills naturally in a real workshop." -Chayanee Chawanote, Applied Economics and Management

"I must say that the Summer Institute has included everything: grammar, pronunciation, how to be a good TA, Models of Teaching and beyond."
-Alejandra Aguilar Solis, Food Science

The ITAP Summer Institute has been discontinued effective 2015 until further notice.

The ITAP Summer Institute was an intensive program designed for ITAs who wanted to expand their teaching skills as a TA or prepare for a career in academia. ITAs had the opportunity to improve oral communication through researching, discussing, and presenting a workshop related to current topics in teaching in higher education. Instruction took place in a blended learning format, including both daily face-to-face classes and online components. A highlight of the Institute was a half-day symposium in which participants made public presentations on teaching strategies.

2014 ITAP Summer Institute Symposium

This half-day symposium, open to the public, featured three workshops on teaching in higher education led by graduate students from the International Teaching Assistant Program’s Summer Institute.

ITAP Symposium Presenters ITAP Symposium presenters ITAP Symposium PResenters
L to R: Kittikun Songsomboon, Kai Wu, Jian Wu, Misook Park, Kecheng Xu, Shih-Hao Tseng and Suwon Bae.

Project-Based Learning: Concept, Methods, and Applications in Life Science and Economics

Interested in increasing student motivation and productivity? This workshop focuses on applications of project-based learning in life science and economics courses. Participants will discuss guidelines, methods, and ideas for implementing project-based learning in their own classes. Presenters: Kittikun Songsomboon (Plant Breeding), Kai Wu (Applied Economics and Management)

Flipping Engineering and Design Courses

Flipping the classroom is a hot topic in teaching across disciplines. In this workshop, facilitators will present strategies for flipping the classroom in engineering and design courses. Participants will discuss the impact of flipping and techniques to use in their own courses. Presenters: Jian Wu (Operations Research and Information Engineering), Misook Park (Architecture), Kecheng Xu (Transportation Systems Engineering)

Evaluating In-Class Learning in Engineering Courses

How do we know how well our students understand what we teach in class? This workshop guides participants through a variety of classroom assessment techniques that instructors can use to gauge student learning in both large lecture classes and small lab sessions. Presenters: Shih-Hao Tseng (Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Suwon Bae (Mechanical Engineering).


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