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Teaching Inclusively

The Center for Teaching Innovation recognizes that diversity and inclusion have a direct impact on learning. This page provides an overview of the diversity resources the CTI offers in relation to teaching and learning at Cornell. 

Programming for Faculty

Faculty Institute for Diversity

A program that brings faculty together for two days to engage in discussions and workshops exploring issues of diversity and inclusive teaching practices.

Customized Workshops

The CTI can provide customized workshops for departments on incorporating diversity into new or existing courses and implementing inclusive teaching strategies. (email or call 1-607-255-7224)

Individual Consultations

The CTI can provide individualized consultations on a variety of topics including how to better engage students from a variety of backgrounds. (email or call 1-607-255-7224)

Programming for Graduate Students, Future Educators, and TAs

The GET SET program for graduate students, future educators, teaching assistants, and post docs interested in creating and sustaining inclusive classrooms. There are a range of options to learn about diversity and inclusive teaching practices, including:

• Academic year workshop sessions and informal discussions. The workshops offer graduate students and postdocs an opportunity to participate in weekly workshops and brownbag sessions throughout the semester. Some sessions are directly related to diversity and inclusive teaching practices:

  • Reaching Out to All of Your Students: Culture and Diversity in the Classroom
  • Enhance your Teaching by Understanding Students
  • Building a Collaborative Learning Environment

• Day-long University-wide Teaching Conference held each semester.

•Cornell University is part of the CIRTL Network. “To prepare graduate students and postdocs for the future professoriate, with a focus on three areas: evidence-based practice of teaching in higher education, inclusive teaching and learning, and mentoring undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs.”

• Two-day Annual Inclusive Teaching Institute for Graduate Students and Postdocs (co-sponsored by CU-CIRTL)

Inclusive Teaching Institute (co-sponsored by CU-CIRTL).The CU-CIRTL web pages have case studies on issues of inclusivity in the classroom and other resources related to diversity.

Academic courses and programs

Resources for the Classroom

CTI Web Resources for Engaging Students in Inclusive Classrooms

Building Inclusive Classrooms

Engaging Students

CTI Topic Overviews Related to Diversity (PDFs)

Please note that these PDF files require a CU NetID to access. The links will direct you to a login page.

Other University Resources

Cornell’s Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives (OADI) and Cornell’s commitment to diversity provide information on what is going on at Cornell regarding diversity and inclusivity.

Faculty and Student Resources

"Toward New Destinations" Cornell's institutional university diversity plan.

Guidelines for Discussing Incidents of Public Violence

LARA Method (Listen, Affirm, Respond, Add)

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