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Engaging Students

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For additional information on engaging students and more, schedule an individual consultation. Contact us at or call (607) 255-7224.

The CTI offers faculty services to help improve the performance of teachers within the classroom and improve the learning experiences of their students. Faculty members are encouraged to schedule class observations or videotaping of classes for subsequent review with a CTI consultant for improvement of practice.

The following pages are designed for faculty at various stages of their teaching to explore ideas on different ways to engage students in their classes.

Learning and Teaching Styles

How might different learning and teaching styles impact learning?

Increasing Student Participation

How can you motivate students to participate?

Using Effective Questions

How can you use questions effectively in class?


How can you use discussions to engage students?

Active Learning

What strategies can you use to help students be actively involved in their learning?

Collaborative Learning: Group Work

What strategies can you use to increase student learning through peer instruction and group work?

Writing Assignments

How can you engage students with writing assignments and help them improve their writing skills?

Problem-Based Learning

How can you use problem solving to increase student learning?

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